GEM Tattoo Studio



Tony Yar at work tattooing
I have lived in Edmonton, Alberta the majority of my life, and proud to be a part of this community and a part of art scene. That is why I am constantly learning and improving the way I see things and translate them into art. I have been tattooing for the last 15 years but have been painting and designing for as long as I remember.  I have been on my own as a single tattoo artist since 2010 and now as Hidden Gem Tattoo Studio which have gained popularity among the tattoo lovers and people who appreciate and want something different. I believe getting a beautiful tattoo or a great artwork on the body is worth waiting for. It is hard to find the best tattoo artist and the right design, which would last through time and you can be proud of. With no limitations, my art is versatile and is not subjected to a certain tradition. I enjoy many styles of tattoos and paintings. traditional or realistic, what ever it may be in either black and gray or color, I am able to draw and design your ideas and turn them to a beautiful tattoo.  I do as well touch ups and accept cover ups or add on to your existing tattoos. Browse through my categorized galleries which demonstrates a few examples of my artworks.  I am as well on instagram, Fcebook and Pinterest which attracts 75000 views a month. 
Love my Victory