GEM Tattoo Studio


Booking Process at hidden Gem Studio


15966 109 Avenue  Edmonton, AB T5P 1B7

Hours Of Operation: 

MON  11 am to 7 pm, 

TUE    11 am to 9 pm,

WED  11 am to 9 pm,

THU   11 am to 9 pm,

FRI     11 am to 9 pm,

SAT   11 am to 9 pm,

SUN   11 am to 7 pm,

Hourly rate: 

$180.00 an hour + GST and $20 supply charge per session.

Minimum Charge: 

$125 For a small tattoo less than half hour

Deposit for booking: 

To book an appointment a deposit of $100 for small tattoos and $500 for a full or multiple sessions is required which will be deducted from the total at the end of the final appointment.

 24 hours notice needed for any cancellation otherwise you will lose your deposit.

Minimum age:

16 to 18 with parental consent which requires official photo IDs of  parents and the minor.

Drawing fee: 

we draw while clients are present using their inputs and ideas. Drawing and designing a custom tattoo is as important as the tattoo itself. So we do Charge for drawing based on the time taken.


requires the artist's approval and a visual inspection as well. Please note touch-up doesn't mean a RE-DO and Not every tattoo requires a touch-up. If a touch up decided by the artist then there is a fee of $20.00 for supply charge. 

Refusing a person or a tattoo: 

we reserved the right not to accept a tattoo or a person as a client. We also reserve the right to cancel appointments or discontinue serving any client that is verbally abusive, constantly late, no show, unreasonable or unrealistic.  Getting a tattoo is a personal choice and clients are and should be aware of pros or cons before getting a tattoo. There is  no refund  and if any refund is given is solely based on managers discretion.