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At Hidden Gem Tattoo Studio we are always on the look out for talented artists who possess excellent artistic abilities plus good work ethics. Of course we make our selection based on many factors such as strong portfolio, experience in the tattooing industry and reputation of the individual artist.

To apply you could contact us by email. Please include your portfolio or links to it. we will gladly get in touch and will set up a time for a personal interview.

Tattoo Artist - BW


We have structured the employment at our establishment to meet every artists needs. Based on years of experience, we try to provide the new artists with safe and comfortable work environment to flourish and grow to achieve their goals, either financially or artistically. Which also depends on artist's efforts, commitments and how serious they are about their career as a tattoo artist. We do provide opportunity for the artists to work as:



The percentage of commission earned for each positions is based on the quality of work and artistic abilities as well as how many years of experience in the industry. Being very selective we require a portfolio containing  art works and clear images of current tattoos done, resumes along with references to contact.  

If you’re an artist who is looking for a great place to work, here is place to get you started on your professional journey. With your core values and your commitment to customers we get  you to stand out from the crowd of existing artists.

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