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Tattooing rate @ 180.00  per hour

Availability: Tuesday to Saturday

Specializing Tattoo Style:  Variety of style  mainly custom

 Traditional, neo traditional



“Well, tattooing has sure come a very long way if you consider where and when I got involved in this art. I was a young boy growing up on our family farm. Farm life leads to plenty of free time. Free time leads to visiting my military uncles and seeing their tattoos. From a young age, I was very intrigued. I never asked about them, other than what they were. I cant for the life of me remember any response or even if there was one. I just needed to know about these indelible markings and why they never went away.

When I was about 11 years old or so, we had a new neighbor move in about 3\4 of a mile down the road. They had 3 boys, which was a huge change from the sisters I grew up with. It was the neighbor's dad who showed me how to make a skin stabbing device to place micro pigment under skin, but he never knew the mechanics or anything about it, other than the addition of ink brand. I still wonder where he learned this from. Being 11 and bored, I decided to dig in my mothers sewing kit and fashion a group of needles . I grabbed some ink from the art room at school and about a week later, mustered up enough guts to poke myself. I was hooked!! My parents didn’t like it very much, but it was too late at this point.

Now, 33 years later, I have worked in most major cities in Canada , with some phenomenal friends and artists and have traded several trade secrets. A very old school approach to attaining a skill, but the only way I feel works. I have expanded my views of art to appeal to a wide variety of people. I really have a style I can call my own and is very “DistINKtive” in the tattooing world. I am proud to have eyes that can see the potential beauty in anything – well, almost anything. There are some people tattooing today that should get their head examined. If only these people could wrap their heads around the fact that a mess is forever if its under your skin; it would be a much prettier place for everyone.”

– Kevin Polanski

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