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Are Your Ready to Save on Your Sleeve Tattoo?

Let's make art togheter

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About Our Offer

At Hidden Gem Tattoo, we recognise the profound significance of body art and the role it plays in conveying your individual narrative.


Our team of talented artists is committed to crafting not just tattoos, but works of art that will adorn your body like a hidden gem waiting to be unveiled.


Our exlusive offer is here to make it easier for you to get a wold-class sleeve tattoo:


15% off hourly rate on half sleeve


20% off hourly rate on full sleeve
SAVE UP TO $1000

Why Choose Hidden Gem Tattoo

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Artistry at Its Finest

With years of experience and a passion for pushing creative boundaries.


Our artists have mastered the art of transforming ideas into captivating ink masterpieces.

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Impeccable Attention to Detail

Each line, shade, and curve holds immense importance in your tattoo's impact.


Our artists create meaningful and visually striking artworks with meticulous attention to detail.

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A Personalized Experience

We take the time to understand your story, aspirations, and style preferences.

Our artist will ensure that your tattoo becomes a profound reflection of who you are.

Our Customers Testimonials

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“Amazing studio, friendly staff, and Colleen is a passionate, accommodating artist. An absolutely incredible experience! 10/10!”


"Attentive, skilled, and made me feel comfortable throughout.

I'm over the moon with their work!"


“The atmosphere was fantastic; open, communicative, and attentive to my preferences throughout the process.

A great overall experience!”

There Has Never Been a Better Time to Get a Sleeve

Let's make art togheter

Fill up the form below & claim your free consultation and your sleeve tattoo discount

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