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Transform Your Tattoo into a Masterpiece

Choosing a tattoo cover-up offers a new start for your old ink. At Hidden Gem Tattoo Studio, we specialize in transforming outdated, unwanted, or faded tattoos into art you are proud to wear.

Our Cover-Up Services

we specialize in turning your old tattoos into new treasures. Here’s what you can expect when you choose us for your tattoo cover-up

Personalized Consultation

Your cover-up starts with a discussion about your current tattoo and desired changes, ensuring the new design aligns with your style and expectations.

Custom Design Process

We collaborate closely with you to craft a unique design that seamlessly transforms and enhances your existing tattoo.

State-of-the-Art Techniques:

We use advanced technology and high-quality inks to ensure your cover-up is both effective and durable.

Cover up tattoo services in Edmonton - Before And After

Expert Artists

Our skilled artists specialize in cover-ups, expertly transforming old tattoos with precision and creativity.

Advanced Color Matching

Aftercare Support

Our artists excel in color matching techniques to ensure the new artwork flawlessly integrates with your skin tone and the existing tattoo.

We provide comprehensive aftercare instructions to ensure your new tattoo heals perfectly and remains vibrant.

Why Opt for a Cover-Up?

A tattoo cover-up is an excellent alternative to removal, offering a fresh start without the downsides:

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No Scars

Unlike tattoo removal, cover-ups work with your existing tattoo, eliminating the risk of scarring that can occur with removal processes.


Cover-ups can be more affordable than the lengthy and often more painful process of tattoo removal.

Immediate Results

A cover-up provides an immediate transformation, letting you walk away with a new tattoo that you love.



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